Marketing Manager Royston Lim Selected As Winner Of Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job Campaign

The 32-year-old beat four other finalists to bag the coveted position as Carlsberg’s Brand Ambassador and Beer Taster, and a jaw dropping “salary” of S$20,000.

SINGAPORE, December 16, 2016, Friday – It was an exciting, tooth-and-nail fight to the finish line at the finals of Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job yesterday afternoon (December 15), with all five finalists in the campaign putting in excellent performances. Amid delighted cheers from the ebullient crowd at the finals held at FIVE Square at Pickering Street, Mr Royston Lim 林琪伦, a 32-year-old marketing manager with Fischer Audio Asia, was crowned this year’s winner of Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job campaign after acing rounds of challenges, including questions from the judges, last year’s winner Mr Daniel Osgodby, and the media; as well as a test of one’s draught beer-pouring skills.

Probably The Best Job
The judging panel for the finals this year included Mr Lars Lehmann 雷盟, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Group; Mr Jimmy Toh 卓经纬, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore; Ms Pearl Lai 赖明珠, Corporate Communications & CSR Director for Carlsberg Malaysia Group; and Mr Daniel Chia 谢汉雄, Head of HR for Carlsberg Singapore. Mr Lehmann and Mr Toh handed the grand cash prize of $20,000 in a briefcase to an ecstatic Mr Lim. The other four finalists each received a prize of $1,000.

After the event, Mr Lim immediately started his four-hour job as Carlsberg’s Beer Taster and brand ambassador, visiting three other popular drinking holes around Singapore and mingling with Carlsberg fans. The locations along the celebratory tour are CDP Kimly Pte Ltd at Fu Lu Shou Complex; SC 15 Food Station at Blk 261 Serangoon Central Drive; and No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar.

“Unbelievable” & “Incredible”
“Everything has been unbelievable, from the time I found out I was a finalist to now after the celebratory tour. It’s incredible to know that my passion for Carlsberg beer has been turned into a cash prize,” Mr Lim said towards the
ends of his four-hour employment. He added: “I was not fully prepared for the questions during the interview, but my friends who came to support me at the finals gave me a huge boost of confidence, and helped me confirm my belief that I completely love Carlsberg beer.

“In my celebratory tour, I received a lot of warmth from Carlsberg supporters, and made new friends. I'm very touched by their enthusiasm and congratulatory messages; I'm completely overjoyed.”The Perfect Draught Pour Mr Lim even joked that he would name his future son “Lim Carlsberg”, a pun on his surname, which also sounds like “to drink” in the Hokkien dialect. Mr Lim was an impressive candidate right from the start. At the draught beer
station, following a demonstration by Mr Lehmann himself, Mr Lim effortlessly executed the perfect draught pour. His deft handling of and quick thinking in the Q&A sessions hosted by Henry Golding also helped him stand out from his fellow applicants.

Rousing Success
It was an exhilarating experience for Mr Lehmann to soak in the vibrant and joyous vibes at the Best Job Finals. “All five finalists have clearly displayed Carlsberg’s Semper Ardens spirit, the burning desire to always do better, a spirit from Carlsberg founder J. C. Jacobsen,” said Mr Lehmann. “With his passion for Carlsberg and wit, Royston has proven himself to be a fantastic Carlsberg brand ambassador. Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job 2016
was a rousing success, and we look forward to bringing more unique experiences to Carlsberg fans.”Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job campaign was launched in Singapore last year to incredible fanfare and media interest. This is the second year of the campaign.

Forefather and Leader In Beer Brewing
Carlsberg’s Semper Ardens (Latin for always burning) spirit stems from founder J C Jacobsen’s relentless pursuit of perfection that led him to set up the Carlsberg Laboratory to better understand the chemistry of beer. It was here that two major scientific discoveries that laid the foundations for modern brewing methods were made: the cultivation of pure yeast, which is the active ingredient that turns wort into beer, as well as the development of the pH scale to accurately measure the acidity of beer. Jacobsen’s generosity and belief in sharing the scientific findings meant that the breakthroughs were made freely available to other brewers around the world.

Carlsberg’s focus on superior quality and insistence on using only natural ingredients are what makes it the best beer in the world. Probably.