Together Towards ZERO expresses our vision for a better tomorrow at a time of serious challenges such as climate change, water scarcity and threats to public health. The programme states our ambitions and targets towards 2022 and 2030.

Our ambitions

  • ZERO carbon footprint
  • ZERO water waste
  • ZERO irresponsible drinking
  • ZERO accidents culture

Each ambition is underpinned by individual and measurable targets for 2022 and 2030.


Partnerships for change

We know that we cannot achieve our ambitions alone. That’s why we’ve been working with partners like WWF, the Carbon Trust, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and a panel of health experts and behavioural scientists. Together, we sought to set ambitious long-term targets and prepare for action.

Leveraging our scientific heritage

In pursuit of the ambitions presented in Together Towards ZERO, we are setting up the Carlsberg community of young scientists, to be led by the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. We will coordinate and fund the community’s efforts to develop new solutions for climate, water and sustainable brewing.

An integrated approach

Together Towards ZERO is a key element of our Group strategy, SAIL'22, and builds on our purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow.

Our ambitions and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our determination to contribute to a better society harmonises with the global drive for prosperity. It sets out to deliver emission reductions in line with the lower impact set out in the Paris Climate Accord, and aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We used the SDGs to shape our Together Towards ZERO programme, understand the contribution our business activities make and build resilience along the supply chain.




0% carbon emissions at our breweries by 2030
100% use of electricity from renewable sources at our breweries by 2022
30% reduction in beer-in-hand carbon footprint by 2030




50% reduction in water usage at our breweries
Partner to safeguard shared water resources in high-risk areas




100% of our markets improve on responsible drinking year on year
100% availability of alcohol free beer options
100% of our markets run partnerships to support responsible consumption


Zero accidents
Reduction in accident rate year on year