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Whistleblower System

The Carlsberg Group has a whistleblower system that enables employees to report activities that may involve criminal conduct or violations of the Carlsberg Group’s policies and guidelines.

Carlsberg embraces an ‘open-door’ culture and all employees are encouraged to talk to their managers, or managers’ manager, if they believe there has been a breach of the Carlsberg Group’s policies and guidelines. If they do not feel comfortable doing this, they can talk to their HR business partner, or reach out directly to the Carlsberg Group Chief Compliance Officer via [email protected].

Besides the above-mentioned channels, the Group has introduced a new integrated phone and web system for employees to report compliance issues called the ‘SpeakUp Line’ via a secured web link or telephone line 1-800-8232206 with designated access code, hosted by an external provider. A Carlsberg employee can make an initial report in his or her own language contact via the SpeakUp Line (phone or web) and the report is transcripted and translated into English by the external provider before it is assigned to a Carlsberg Group Compliance officer for review and follow up.